10 Interesting Ways to Market Your Small Business in 2021 (Part 1)

10 Interesting Ways to Market Your Small Business in 2021 (Part 1)

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There are many ways to market your small business in 2021, and in this post, we’ll look at 10 of the most interesting methods you can begin today.

This will be a two-part post, with 5 methods in the first part and 5 in the next. Each point could be an entire post on their own, so this is just to help you brainstorm some good marketing ideas.

Interesting Marketing Method #1: More Keyword Research

You likely have a list of keywords related to your business that you’re using for SEO strategies and paid advertising. However, you’re only scratching the surface.

We continue to do keyword research for our clients on a weekly basis, and the work is never complete. Think of long keywords you haven’t used, or new keyword ideas that your customers might be searching.

If you can optimize for new, industry and customer relevant keywords, you’ll stay ahead of the competition and keep rising up the ranks.

Interesting Marketing Method #2: Get Your Blog on

Hundreds of millions of people read billions of blog posts every single month. If you’re not posting blog articles, then you’re missing out.

You can outsource or write industry relevant blog content that will help boost your SEO, drive attention to your business, and increase leads and sales.

Blogs are also easier to share on social media since they don’t push a sales offer, so each blog becomes a social media content marketing piece.

Interesting Marketing Method #3: Build Out your Mailing List

There’s no better time to start your email list than right now. If you’ve already begun, then you’ll want to focus on targeted email marketing newsletters and engaging your audience to bring them back to your offers.

If you haven’t started building a list, then get on it immediately. You can add forms on your website that will capture visitor’s information and add them to an email list. You can then bulk email everyone at once and take back control of your website traffic.

Email marketing is often the top end of your marketing funnel and leads to warm prospects and new customers as you email the list.

Interesting Marketing Method #4: Guest Post on Targeted Industry Blogs

Creating your own blog is one thing, posting on other peoples as a guest is something completely different. There are thousands of blogs that allow guest posts, and many industry blogs even ask.

Just search google for “[your niche/industry] blog + “guest post””. This way you’ll find all the related blogs in google that mention “guest post” in their blog. You can replace “guest post” with “submit an article” or “submit a post”, both phrases often appearing on blogs that allow you to submit your own posts.

By having guest posts you’ll have more high-quality backlinks pointing to your site and you’ll show up in google more often because you’re now on other websites. When people read your posts and click the links, that leads to more direct traffic.

Interesting Marketing Method #5: Get on YouTube

Video marketing is huge in 2021, and it’s only getting bigger. In the world of online video, there’s only one ruler, YouTube.

Create relevant helpful industry related content, or educational content about your business, and share on YouTube. Much like blogging, YouTube allows you to develop content that results in easy social media marketing. It’s a lot easier to share a YouTube video on social media than it is to share a sales offer.

YouTube is also the second largest search engine online and leads to an entirely new audience of potential customers finding your business.

Now we’ve talked about some of the best ways to start marketing your business. Follow each of these points and more customers will find you, like what you’re offering and buy from your business.

In the next part of this post, we’ll give you 5 more methods to spread the word about your business in 2021.


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10 Interesting Ways to Market Your Small Business in 2021 (Part 1)

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