7 Ways to Earn More Customers & Nurture Them Effectively

7 Ways to Earn More Customers & Nurture Them Effectively

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There are many tools to help businesses grow by finding new customers. These include blogging, lead generation, email marketing, social media, and CRM platforms.

Getting customers is one thing, keeping them is another. Most businesses forget about retention and only focus on marketing to new leads.

In this post we’ll introduce 7 strategies to find more customers and nurture them effectively.

1. Research

Start by researching your target prospect and find out as much information as you can. This will help you create the content, messaging, insights and ideas that your customers are looking for. Use surveys, analytical tools, or analyse current customers and competitors to get ideas.

2. Blogging

Create valuable blog posts that invite prospects to your site and provide value to your customers to keep them coming back. Then lead them into your offers in a non-invasive way. The more helpful you are to your target customer, the more your customer relationships and sales will improve.

3. Social Media

Share your posts on social media, using different content for each platform. Tweet small quotes from the blog, share the featured image on Instagram, or read it out the blog with deeper insights on a podcast.

Social media is also a customer retention tool since many people use social media for customer service now, so staying active helps customer retention as well as

4. Email Capture

On your site you should capture your prospects emails by offering a newsletter sign-up, free download, or access to exclusive content. This allows you to follow up with them in future with new helpful information or offers.

5. Email Marketing

Once you have their email, be sure to not pester them with constant sales messages. Instead, give them helpful personal emails that invite engagement, start conversations and provide value.

6. CRM

Turn your email inbox into a Customer Relationship Management tool with Streak CRM, HubSpot CRM, or other CRM tools. This helps you manage customer interactions, build relationships, improve customer service, and increase profitability.

7. Rewards

Retention is cheaper than acquisition, so make a plan to help bring customers back. It’s far easier to create repeat customers than new ones. Use vouchers, discount codes, and exclusive deals to customers to motivate customers to come back.

Use these 7 strategies to get new customers coming into your business and keep your current customers coming back for more. To implement these strategies and find a perfect plan for your business, reach out to a marketing expert at The Archangel Group today.


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7 Ways to Earn More Customers & Nurture Them Effectively

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