7 Ways to Increase Leads, grow your Customers, And Scale Your Business (Part 1)

7 Ways to Increase Leads, grow your Customers, And Scale Your Business (Part 1)

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With the internet always changing and new marketing trends appearing every month, sometimes it’s tough to focus on what works.

In this two-part post we’ll look at 7 interesting and effective ways to increase your leads, grow your customers, and scale your business.

1. Help a Report Out (HARO)

HARO (Help a Reporter Out) connects journalists to expert interviewees. If you’re an expert in your field, sign up as a source and you could get featured. Journalists will then email you for stories and if you’re featured as a source, you could earn high quality links back to your site.

The news articles will turn you into a thought-leader, improve your sites SEO, and lead to more prospects, leads and customers flooding into your business.

2. Video Content

We’ve talked about creating video content for the web, so it needed a place on this list too. Video is higher converting than plain old text or images, and your competition is already using it to boost their leads. Video can entertain, educate, engage and convert all in one medium. You can also leverage video into other forms of content like audio, transcriptions and still images.

Use a video on your landing page and put an optin-form right next to the video. The mix of video and optin-form will lead to more sign-ups, leads, and of course, sales for your business.

3. Emails That Elate

With your customers inboxes bombarded by various businesses every day, you need to write subject lines that stand above the crowd. One of the key areas to improve is your email subject lines. If you improve this, everything else will improve. Your email open rate is a KPI that if improved, can lead to more website traffic, sales and growth in your business.

To improve your subject lines, use curiosity and keep them brief. Readers should get value at a glance and arouse their curiosity enough to open the email, read through, and click to your site.

4. Engaging, Relevant Landing Pages

Internet users have a goldfish-with-ADHD attention span, so if you don’t capture their attention in the first-impression moment, you may lose them forever. Your pages should be relevant to what they searched for or clicked on, so always use relevant landing pages that connect to your marketing efforts.

Use well designed pages and get input from expert designers in order to find the areas where you might be losing attention. Little things like typography, button placement, text sizes, images, responsive elements, hover features, mobile display and so much more, all add up to make your page more effective.

In the next part of this two-part post, we’ll look at three more ways to increase your leads and sales. If you need any help with optimizing your landing pages, creating engaging video content or improving your email marketing, make sure to reach out to us at The Archangel Group and we’ll put you in touch with one of our experts.


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7 Ways to Increase Leads, grow your Customers, And Scale Your Business (Part 1)

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