7 Ways to Increase Leads, grow your Customers, And Scale Your Business (Part 2)

7 Ways to Increase Leads, grow your Customers, And Scale Your Business (Part 2)

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In the first part of this post, we talked about 4 important methods to get more leads for your business. We mentioned HARO, video marketing, improving your emails and creating more engaging, relevant landing pages.

In this post we’ll look at three more tactics to increase your leads, grow your customers and scale your business.

1. Add Social-Proof Snippets

Testimonials offer powerful social proof to convince prospects to buy. Most people don’t read the full testimonials, so instead, use social-proof snippets. Clip out pieces of a review (the best bits of course) and showcase them in your headers, titles, sidebars and scattered around your content.

When you post a testimonial, use snippets as the title so anyone page-scanning will see the best bits first. Pick out snippets that mention benefits and features you’re proud of and want prospects to know. Then use these snippets as powerful natural headlines around your page that will convert more of your prospects into paying customers.

2. Dig Up Old Customers

If you have an old stale list of customers, that’s gathering dust somewhere, pull it out for some reanimation magic. You can regenerate this Frankenstein list of customers with some tender-loving attention.

Reach out to contacts reminding them about new offers or services you have and give special discounts since they are your most loyal and oldest customers. They’ll appreciate that you reached out with new offers and you could turn that old stale list of customers into a new bunch of buyers.

3. Complimentary Partnerships

You have many competing businesses, but countless more that compliment you. Think about what people buy before and after they use your services or products. These are your complimentary businesses that you can partner with to create win-win business growth situations.

Offer discounts and deals to their customers, and ask for the same in return. This way you can share your customer bases and grow together since your businesses already complement each other.

Apply these techniques to generate more sales and get creative with each method to rise above the crowd. Innovate on your partnership ideas, use testimonials in more interesting places, and reach out to old customers to revive your pipeline.

If you need support with any of these tactics and you want a marketing expert by your side to help you scale and grow your business, reach out to The Archangel Group today and we’ll let you know how we can help.


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7 Ways to Increase Leads, grow your Customers, And Scale Your Business (Part 2)

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