9 Ways to Create Captivating Google Ads to Increase Clicks and Lower Costs (Part 1)

9 Ways to Create Captivating Google Ads to Increase Clicks and Lower Costs (Part 1)

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The best way to improve Google Ads performance is to create captivating ads people want to click. Higher click-through rates from a targeted audience will lower your costs and improve your campaign’s performance.

You only pay when someone clicks, so your ads must target qualified prospects and get them to click on you instead of your competitors. If you get this right, you’ll waste less money on unqualified prospects, get higher CTR’s from targeted leads, and earn more sales in your business.

Your Google Ads contain a headline, two description lines, a display URL, and sometimes space for extra headlines. In this two-part post we’ll look at 9 ways to optimize your Google Ads, so you increase your clicks and lower costs at the same time.


1. Mirror Your Prospects Eventual Goal

What is your prospect looking for? Why are they are looking for it? And what is their eventual goal? The answer to these questions can form the most captivating Google Ads content.


2. Use Countdown Timers to Create Scarcity

Google have now added a way to add scarcity into your ads, triggering the loss aversion principle which causes people to click fast, so they don’t ‘miss out’. This FOMO method is a great way to boost your Google Ads click-throughs and conversions. Simply add a brace ( { ) to your ads and select ‘Countdown Timer’ from the drop-down menu. [Source]


3. Use Current Events to Trigger the Recency Bias

The recency bias is a cognitive bias that makes us favor recent events over older ones. Try sharing something recent, a new event, offer, service, or related story. You can mention a recent holiday or share something new about your business. Try a Google Ad with a recent customer testimonial or a mention of how many clients you’ve helped in the last month or year.


4. Add Relevant Keywords

While it seems obvious, so many business owners forget to use relevant keywords in their ads. The keywords should state what your offer is and relate to the landing page they end up on. Use unique ad groups for each keyword or keyword group to keep them relevant for the users search terms.

With all these methods, you might wonder which of your ads are killing your budget with underperforming ad copy. We’ll audit your account for free and tell you where to improve. Message us with your details and we’ll set you up with a Google Ads Performance Audit.

In the next part of this two-part post, we’ll look at 5 more ways you can create captivating ads that earn you more clicks and sales in your business.


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9 Ways to Create Captivating Google Ads to Increase Clicks and Lower Costs (Part 1)

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