9 Ways to Create Captivating Google Ads to Increase Clicks and Lower Costs (Part 2)

9 Ways to Create Captivating Google Ads to Increase Clicks and Lower Costs (Part 2)

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The first part of this post shared how to create captivating ads to get higher clicks and leads into your business. Now we’ll look at 5 more ways to optimize your ads and improve campaign performance.

1. Ask & Engage

When a customer searches for something, they often have a question in mind. Figure out what that question is and write it as your Google Ad headline. A question is always engaging and if it suits their search perfectly, you’ll get the click.

2. A Little Humor Does the Trick

Use a pun, rhyme, or funny slogan to get your message across. If you can make someone smile when they read your ad, you’ll be more likely to engage them and earn the click. Be careful with jokes and split test with unfunny versions because some jokes won’t land or worse, could offend. Cut anything that doesn’t perform and run with the hilarious successes.

3. Include Numbers or Statistics

Numbers and statistics often appear in ads because people respond to facts and figures. Using facts builds trust in your audience, and they are more likely to pay attention.

4. Show You Care with Empathy

Try to understand your customers’ pain and create ads that sympathize with their issues. This is more effective than just stating your offer and builds trust with customers before they’ve even clicked.

5. Use 6th Grade Language

Simple language performs better in ads, so stick to a low 6-8 grade language level. If you have to use jargon or industry terms, then use them scarcely. The easier your ads are to read, the higher your chances of getting a click. If you try to outsmart your audience, you’ll turn readers off and confuse them before they see what you’re offering.

If you want help implementing these 9 methods (and many more) in your Google Ads campaigns, then reach out to one of our Google Ads experts at The Archangel Group and we’ll let you know how we can help improve your ads, click-through rates, leads, and sales.


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9 Ways to Create Captivating Google Ads to Increase Clicks and Lower Costs (Part 2)

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