Earn More Customers Using Remarketing Engagement Strategy

Earn More Customers Using Remarketing Engagement Strategy

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You may have heard about remarketing and retargeting, but what do they mean, what’s the difference, and how can you use them in your business?

Remarketing Vs Retargeting

The difference is straightforward, retargeting targets anyone who’s seen your brand but not quite engaged yet. They could have visited your site, watched your YouTube videos, or seen your ads. You can retarget more than this, but let’s keep it simple for now.

Remarketing is when you target people who are already engaged with your brand, either through signing up to an email list, subscribing to a social media channel, or purchasing something you offer.

Retargeting implies paying for ads that retarget your audience, whereas remarketing doesn’t require paid ads and implies sending emails, new content, physical letters or any other method to re-engage your current ongoing viewers and customers.

Should You Remarket or Find New Customers?

It costs on average five times more to attract a new customer than it does to keep an existing one, yet 44% of customer focus more on customer acquisition instead of customer retention. [source]

You have higher chances of selling to an existing customer than a new prospect. Therefore, remarketing to current customers, newsletter members and viewers is a much better strategy than focusing everything on new customer acquisition.

Email, Social, & Content

The three best ways to use remarketing is to use your email list, share things on social media, and create valuable content for your audience. Each of these become a new touchpoint for existing customers to re-engage with your business and services.

Start with engaging helpful content, and leverage that into social media posts that quote the sub-headlines or mention a fact in the post. Always link back to the post in order to connect your old customers on various channels, back to engaging with your website.

Use email to send out your valuable content and engage with the email list so they’ll come back to your website. Don’t just send out emails with no call to action and no value attached, or your customers will stop opening your messages.

Start Remarketing Your Audience

We’re here to help you remarket to your audience, current customers, and people that have seen your brand. With great remarketing you can win more clients into your business and earn repeat clients that increase your company revenue.

If you’re ready to start a remarketing campaign and you’re not sure how to begin, reach out to one of our marketing experts at The Archangel Group today and we’ll help you get set up.


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Earn More Customers Using Remarketing Engagement Strategy

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