How to Use a “Call to Action” to Increase Leads and Sales in Your Busines (Part 2)

How to Use a “Call to Action” to Increase Leads and Sales in Your Busines (Part 2)

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To help you identify an effective “Call to Action” we’ve listed out five examples of creative CTAs that help you earn more leads and sales in your business. Use these CTA’s as examples but know there’s no limit to how creative you can get with your CTA’s.

Call to Action 1: View Portfolio

Potential customers want to see your portfolio or case studies of other clients you’ve served.

Your portfolio can include testimonials, uploaded files demonstrating your work, and case studies showing success stories. Once they have proof that you can do what you say you can do, they can trust you to perform in a similar manner when they work with you.

Example CTAs: “View Portfolio;” “Check Out Our Work;” “See What We’ve Done for Customers Like You”


Call to Action 2: Login with [Trusted Online Website]

Google and Facebook have built a long history of trust with customers. Rather than have your potential customers create an account exclusive to your website, you can have them create an account with your website using their account from websites like Google and Facebook.

By providing this option, you can speed up the account creation process and make it more likely that they will create an account on your website.

Example CTAs: “Login with Google;” “Login with Facebook”


Call to Action 3: Sign Up for Updates

Another great way to engage with customers is to ask them to sign up for an email newsletter or to subscribe to your blog. A version of this CTA is inviting them to download an eBook you’ve written and the only “price” is their email and other contact info so you can follow up with them.

This is a great “foot in the door approach” CTA, because the would-be customer gets free information, and you get to follow up with them.

Example CTAs: “Get Free Weekly Updates on [Topic];” “Sign Up to Receive Free Information on [Topic]


Call to Action 4: Get Your Free [Product or Service]

Potential customers may not want to try new products or services. At supermarkets, staff offer samples of food and drink to try to entice potential customers to purchase their products.

Via the web, small businesses of all types can offer “free samples” on their websites. Small businesses can create public blog posts, downloadable files (including templates, pdfs, audio files, etc.) and free trials and subscriptions.

If a potential customer likes the sample that a small business gives them, they may be more likely to purchase from the small business.

Example CTAs: “Download Your Free Copy;” “Create Your Free Profile”


Call-to-Action 5: Opt Out [Of Product or Service or Follow Up Communications]

To create positive relationships with potential customers, small businesses should always make it clear that the potential customer is voluntarily interacting with the small business at all times.

Potential customers hate to feel trapped and by providing easily identifiable options opt-out of their relationship with your businesses, potential customers will feel that they are in control.

Example CTAs: “Opt Out;” “Unsubscribe”

Small businesses need to have some version of these great CTAs in their online advertising to help push the use through the customer journey.

The exact words and design that a small business owner might use should be specific to their industry and target audience.

Use these creative CTA’s in your busines to build trust, engage users and inspire action. These call to actions can push people to sign up, join a community and purchase your products and

services. Get creative and write some CTA’s that are based on these examples but work uniquely for your offers.

If you need help crafting the perfect call to action, reach out to one of the marketing experts at The Archangel Group today and we’ll take a quick look at your business and see how we can help.


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How to Use a “Call to Action” to Increase Leads and Sales in Your Busines (Part 2)

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