How to Use Microsoft Advertising to Get More Customers for Your Small Business (Part 2)

How to Use Microsoft Advertising to Get More Customers for Your Small Business (Part 2)

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In the last part of this post, we talked about the benefits of using Microsoft Advertising (Formally Bing Ads) to promote your business.

Now we’ll look at some conversion tips to help you improve your ads, get higher click-through-rates, and more customers purchasing your offers.

Bonus Tip: Track conversions on your landing page using Bings UET (Universal Event Tracking). With a short snippet of code on your site, you can track conversions through your Bing ads to see which ads result in sales.

3 Steps to Improve Conversions

Step 1: Scale Effectively

When you try new ads, keywords, images and organize into ad groups, you’ll quickly find which ads are working the best. When an ad is performing well, allocate more budget and spend to that ad in order to scale up the winner.

Step 2: Optimize Budget

You can use the “Accelerated Budget” option to spend your daily budget faster, and target more faster throughout the day. This is a quick way to improve conversions and speed up the incoming traffic.

Step 3: Remain Relevant

The most important part of advertising is remaining relevant to the searcher. You have to use keywords your target customer is searching for, then create ads that speak directly to them. The language on your landing page and ads should match up with the target audience, so you stay relevant to the searcher from click to conversion.

5 Tips for High Converting Microsoft Ads

Tip 1: Multiple Ad Groups: Add up to 20 ads within an ad group to experiment with various text, keywords, and images. When you find ads with a high CTR and conversion rate, you can allocate more budget to that ad.

Tip 2: Customer Lingo: Use the language that your customer knows and likes. To improve conversion rate of your ads, use specific terms and relevant lingo that only your customer would know.

Tip 3: Talk Directly to Them: Use ‘Your’ and ‘You’ to talk directly to your customer. You see how well this works, don’t you?

Tip 4: Use Specifics: Use exact numbers, percentages and data to get higher CTR’s and conversions. Customers prefer knowing there is a “47% discount”, rather than a “Huge discount”.

Tip 5: Add a Call to Action: Give the searcher a reason to click, with an attractive immediate benefit they will get on the next page.

New Tools Available with Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising has been rolling out additional features for advertisers in the last few years, and they keep getting better.

Image Extensions: You can now add extra visuals to your ads with image extensions, similar to how Google already does this.

Video Extensions: Only now being rolled out and not available to everyone yet, video can add a layer of persuasion to your ads and help improve conversions.

In-Market Audiences: A brand new tool from Microsoft Advertising allows you to target people based on current seasonal events like Mother’s Day, Black Friday, Christmas and Valentines. This allows you to create relevant and unique ads for specific occasions.

Optimize Your Landing Pages

As always, use a targeted landing page depending on your ad, and consider using a unique landing page for specific ad groups or campaigns. A landing page for women aged 50+ on Mothers-Day may look very different to a landing page targeting males in their 30s on Black Friday.

Microsoft Advertising Summary

As you can see, Microsoft Advertising is a huge untapped resource for your business. You can get cheap clicks, from a higher quality audience who make more money and prefer to spend it.

Use the strategies in this post to create your own targeted and optimized ads. If you are having trouble with the set-up process, reach out to us and we’ll see how we can help.

Add Microsoft Advertising to your tool belt by reaching out to the Archangel Group. We’ll put you in touch with an expert who can create a marketing plan to help you get cheaper clicks and higher conversions.


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How to Use Microsoft Advertising to Get More Customers for Your Small Business (Part 2)

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