How to Use Microsoft Advertising to Get More Customers for Your Small Business (Part 1)

How to Use Microsoft Advertising to Get More Customers for Your Small Business (Part 1)

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In this two-part post we’ll look at why you should use Microsoft Advertising (Formally Bing Ads) for marketing your small business. We’ll tell you the amazing stats behind Bing, and then how to create high converting ads for your business.

Why You’re Missing Out

Bing is one of those platforms that many business owners consider, but rarely take the leap. Today we’ll tell you why Bing is a serious contender in the advertising world, and how it can benefit your business.

Bing Ads, now rebranded to Microsoft Advertising, is a trio of platforms under the Microsoft brand. Bing, Yahoo and AOL bring in five billion monthly searches, and in the US alone, 33% of people are using one of these search engines.

Bing Vs Google

Google is the leader in search engine traffic, but Bing is becoming a much better option for businesses to try. The Microsoft Advertising platform is still underutilized, meaning there’s less competition to worry about, and more traffic for the taking.

Bing now allow you to import campaigns from Google, so if you already use Google AdWords then it’s easy to add Microsoft Advertising to your toolbelt.

Who’s on the Bing Network

Another benefit that makes Bing PPC so appealing, is the audience that uses it. The Bing network demographics make up a mature, educated and high earning audience, ready and waiting to do business with you.

The average age of a Microsoft searcher is 45 years old, and 67% have college degrees or advanced degrees. 1/3 of searchers have a household income of over $100k, and Bing searchers spend 35% more when they shop on Bing.

This means you’ll pay less for higher quality traffic who are more educated, earn more, and are ready to shop for what your business offers.

High Performing Bing Ads

Bing ads work like many other platforms, with image and text ads that display across desktops, mobile and other devices.

Use high quality images in your ads, and make sure they provide a shock value to your message. Use emotionally charged images and titles to grab the visitor’s attention and get the click.

Use humor in your ads, with a funny image, tagline, slogan or saying that makes your audience chuckle. If you can spark that emotion in the searcher, they’ll be more likely to click on your ad.

Now you’re convinced about Microsoft Advertising, you’ll want to know how to create high converting ads to get more visitors, sign ups and customers for your business.

In the next part of this two-part post, we’ll break down some conversion tactics to use for your Microsoft Advertising campaigns.


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How to Use Microsoft Advertising to Get More Customers for Your Small Business (Part 1)

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