Stop Losing Buyers During The 4 Customer Stages Using Attractive Custom Offers

Stop Losing Buyers During The 4 Customer Stages Using Attractive Custom Offers

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As customers go through the 4 customer stages, they all look for different things. If you offer your products and services the same way to everyone, you’ll lose buyers during each stage of the process.

Create Different Offers for Each of the Customer Stages

The lesson is to create unique offers to provide value to your customers because most people who see your offers won’t buy. You’ll get tons of visitors to your website who will buy nothing and leave your site forever, meaning your hard work to get them there was all in vain.

Here’s what to offer each customer at the 4 stages to capture more prospects and turn them into customers.

First Stage: Awareness

First stage prospects look for information and education. Use niche guides, mini-eBooks, and downloadable checklists, embedded within educational blogs. Solve common problems they might struggle with, and you’ll pick up loads of new customers in the awareness stage.

Second Stage: Information

At this stage, they are researching details and learning about the solutions available. Give customers at this stage interesting, interactive ways to learn more about your niche. Use quizzes, calculator tools, and personalized feedback based on the information they’re after.

Third Stage: Evaluation

Now the customer is ready to pay for a solution, so they weigh up options, costs, features and benefits. Use case studies, product leaflets and information about your product and services that present the best benefits and features. Customers at this stage are more likely to buy if you provide this information.

Fourth Stage: Purchase

At the purchase stage, the customer is ready with their wallet in hand. Use strong call to actions to convert customers who are ready and willing to buy.

If you provide all these different styles of content for each customer as they are going through these four stages, you’ll convert more people and build long-lasting relationships with your customers.

It may feel overwhelming to think about every piece of content but it’s also your best chance of converting more prospects into paying customers to grow your business.

We know it’s hard work, so we’re here to help. If you want our help building your strategy to grow your business, reach out to The Archangel Group and we’ll put you in touch with one of our marketing strategists.


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Stop Losing Buyers During The 4 Customer Stages Using Attractive Custom Offers

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