The Benefits of Building Mobile Friendly Websites & Content

The Benefits of Building Mobile Friendly Websites & Content

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You’ve heard that you need to optimize your website for mobile and create mobile friendly content, but maybe you haven’t taken the leap. This post will look at the benefits of going mobile friendly, and accessing more customers, higher conversions and increasing ROI in your business.

A whopping 50% of internet visitors now use mobile to browse. If your customers are human, then 1 in 2 are looking for you on their mobile device. [source]

Facebook just wrote a post sharing that Facebook videos that are optimized for mobile raise brand awareness by 67%. [source]

Why is Mobile So Important?

If you’re old school or you haven’t taken the plunge, you may think that nobody is using mobile to search for your business. By now you know that half your customers expect to find you on their mobile and by ignoring that vast audience you are cutting them out of your prospect pool.

Googles algorithm looks for mobile friendly content, and negatively affect your SEO score if you don’t optimize for mobile. What started as a choice for businesses is now a marketing standard. If you’re not mobile-optimized, your business is suffering.

The Benefits of Having A Mobile Friendly Website

When you optimize your site for mobile, you create a streamlined experience for customers visiting your site from anywhere. They may find you on their desktop, but then open your site up on their phone. If you’re optimized for both, then your customer has a smooth experience.

Conversions rates will increase on the mobile, so you’ll see an immediate positive impact on your sign-ups, conversion rates and advertising ROI.

Since Google know how important mobile is, they’ve made it an important ranking factor. By having a mobile friendly site, you’ll rank faster for the keywords you want.

Creating Mobile Friendly Content

Mobile friendly content is an important addition to a mobile friendly website. Facebook have laid out the correct guidelines for their mobile content sizing, and every social media platform will give their own recommendations.

For example, a feed placement should have a 1:1 image size, and 4:5 video size, whereas an In-Stream Video requires a 16:9 size and a vertically viewed story placement requires a 9:16 size. [source]

Get Started with Mobile Friendly Content

Whether you start by creating some mobile friendly content, or optimize your entire site for mobile, the important thing is that you start now.

Mobile viewership is increasing, and your rank, conversion rate and customer satisfaction will improve based on how optimized you can be for mobile devices.

If you need help to creating mobile friendly websites and content, reach out to one of our content marketing experts at The Archangel Group, and we’ll give you a mobile content plan to help grow your business.


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The Benefits of Building Mobile Friendly Websites & Content

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