The Importance of Creating Fresh SEO Friendly Content To Rank High In Google (Part 1)

The Importance of Creating Fresh SEO Friendly Content To Rank High In Google (Part 1)

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Content plays a crucial role in educating your audience and helping them prepare to buy from your company. You must also optimize your content for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so you have a high chance of appearing in Google when a customer searches for what you offer.

Quality content can link to your offers, giving you a direct link between what your customer is looking for and what you sell.

In this two-part post we’ll look at some important aspects of SEO and how best to optimize your content for the search engines.

Your Customers Journey

Whenever your customers have a question or issue, they head to Google and type in a keyword phrase. To optimize your content, you must use these keyword phrases and relevant related keywords throughout your content.

Without good content, you have nowhere to put those relevant keywords so people can find you. You’d also have nothing to share online, nothing for your visitors to read, and no way for Google to know what your site is about.

It’s More Than Just Keywords

SEO involves more than just putting keywords in your content. Have the correct Meta tags, content structure, internal linking and backlinks in order to feel the full effects of SEO.

This is why your content plan will drive all of your online marketing strategies. Even paid ads will lead people back to your content, since a customer will click on your ad, then head to Google to search for your company. If you don’t have any relevant, helpful content for them to find, then they’ll head straight to a competitor’s website.

No Content, No Backlinks

An important part of SEO is backlinking. These are links from other websites or social media that point to your domain and tell Google you’re important. It’s the social-proof method Google uses to determine a websites rank.

If your content is well planned and includes helpful ideas, opinions and advice that’s worth sharing, then people will link back to it from all over the web. Without this content, it’s much harder to get other sites to link back to you.

Having an SEO-optimized content strategy is a crucial component of ranking high in Google, so in the next part of this post, we’ll talk about specific strategies to create SEO-friendly content.


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The Importance of Creating Fresh SEO Friendly Content To Rank High In Google (Part 1)

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