The Importance of Creating Fresh SEO Friendly Content to Rank High in Google (Part 2)

The Importance of Creating Fresh SEO Friendly Content to Rank High in Google (Part 2)

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If you want to create great content for SEO, follow these key strategies. First, carry out great keyword research and then structure your content around these topics.

Your titles should be catchy for a person to read and also contain those relevant main keywords you found. Include the keyword in the URL and add them to your meta description, H tags and image alt tags. Get creative and name your images with keywords and add links within your content that point to relevant articles around your site.

Keyword Intent

Understand the user intent behind the keyword and create content that helps them move to the next stage of their journey. Some customers are just looking for information, while others are ready to buy. People use short keyword phrases when they are unsure what they want, and longer phrases when they want detailed information on a specific topic.

Use Google Autocomplete to discover what customers might search for when they type phrases into Google. This will help you pick out the keywords they are using so you can create the most helpful relevant content for your audience.

Clear Content Structure

Follow a simple structure for your content. You should have an introduction, main text, and conclusion. Beneath each post add a call to action, which may be to sign up to a newsletter, read more content or contact the company.

Use well-crafted URL’s that display the major categories of your content and also the relevant topics that page focuses on. Clean URLs like “” are much easier to share and help your SEO efforts dramatically.

Over 50% of internet users now use mobile to search, so make sure your site is optimized for mobile displays. Include a schema mark-up to help search engines analyze your content and submit your sitemap to Google to be indexed faster.

SEO is Complex and Ever-Changing

There are over 200 methods of optimizing your content for SEO and it will take time to create content that helps your site climb up the Google ranks.

This two-part article outlined a handful of these many methods to help create SEO optimized content. if you are looking for an agency to handle your SEO for you, then reach out to the Archangel Group with your questions.


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The Importance of Creating Fresh SEO Friendly Content to Rank High in Google (Part 2)

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