The Power of Google Ads When Run by A Professional Company (Part 2)

The Power of Google Ads When Run by A Professional Company (Part 2)

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Running Google ads requires maximizing ROI so you can justify increasing budgets. A professional company will use smart bidding, display ads, dynamic search ads, A/B testing, and offline conversion tracking to maximize the performance of your campaigns. 

On the Cutting Edge

A professional Google ad management team will use up-to-date techniques, continual optimization and a deep focus on ad performance and ROI. This is the best way to get a high engagement on your ads and get the most return on your ad budget. 

Running Google ads yourself with the same cookie cutter approach as your competitors, won’t cut it. Most agencies use this copy-paste method to create ads for their clients, and while it works, it doesn’t get you the best ROI. 

There are several advanced strategies to optimize the return on your ad cost that a good professional company will implement. 

Smart Bidding:

Using smart bidding technology will maximize the efficiency of your ads and improve ROI. 

Display Ads:

Most agencies forget to use the display network to advertise your site, so you can scale your ads with this channel to reduce costs and improve your reach. 

A/B Testing:

Split testing every element of your campaign, including headlines, ad copy, images and call to actions, will help you find the high converting ads. 

Offline Conversion Tracking:

A professional company will track your lead flow from your ads, through to your website and then offline via phone calls and connect everything to your CRM. 

Combining these advanced methods requires a professional company who can set up and manage the entire process. These types of campaigns are more advanced, and your in-house person or local agency may not implement them effectively. 

To get the most out of your Google ads, we recommend using a professional company like the Archangel group to set up and run your campaigns. 




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The Power of Google Ads When Run by A Professional Company (Part 2)

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