The Power of Google Ads When Run by A Professional Company (Part 1)

The Power of Google Ads When Run by A Professional Company (Part 1)

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This two-part post will look at the value of using a professional company to set up and run your Google ad campaigns. Google ads are a great way to market your business directly to your target audience.

Google advertising works by writing targeted ads optimized for keywords that your target customer is searching for. Most businesses waste money doing this by a misuse of keywords, poor ad creation, or incomplete follow up and optimization processes.

This is where a professional Google ad company like the Archangel Group comes in.

The ins and Outs

To start, a professional company will implement expert planning and execution of your ad campaigns. First doing a deep analysis of your industry competitors, then creating an ad plan to compete in the marketplace.

Experts in The Archangel Group understand paid media and create ads based on their years of experience. These ads are optimized and tracked for ROI growth, so they continue to be profitable.

Keyword Discovery

Every industry has unique search terms that customers or clients look for in Google. A professional company will do an in-depth keyword discovery process to uncover these opportunities.

Once the ads and keywords plan are in place, your campaigns will be set up. You’ll need to have ongoing campaign tracking and monitoring. Without an expert company to handle this, it’s considerably harder.

A professional company will provide regular campaign progress reports and consult on advanced campaign strategies.

Advanced Campaign Management

If you’re running campaigns yourself or with an in-house person, you may miss a lot of the opportunities that Google ad experts will bring to the table. These include geo-targeting, day parting, tag tracking and more.

An expert company will be able to integrate a back-end CRM and report on new leads as they come in. This is crucial for optimizing the ROI of a Google ad campaign.

New Market Opportunities

The market is always evolving, and new market opportunities arise all the time. A professional Google ad management company will discover these new markets and mediums to keep your campaigns fresh and optimized.

These are some reasons businesses can benefit from using a Google ad professional like The Archangel Group to run their campaigns. With high converting, high ROI ads, a business can continue to advertise and grow their bottom lines.

In the second part of this post, we’ll look at high ROI search advertising campaigns that a business can run. A professional company can set up and run these advanced campaigns to keep improving ad performance.


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The Power of Google Ads When Run by A Professional Company (Part 1)

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