Use Retargeting to Grow Your Customers & Scale Your Business for Cheap

Use Retargeting to Grow Your Customers & Scale Your Business for Cheap

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Late to the retargeting party? You’re missing out. Business owners who haven’t yet started retargeting visitors and customers are missing out on a goldmine. Retargeting is an example of data-driven marketing, allowing you to get hyper targeted campaigns to previous website visitors and potential customers.

On average, the cost of using retargeting to advertise to your customers is cheaper than targeting new potential customers using display ads. Use the strategies we’ll lay out in this post and your costs will be even lower with your CTR and conversion rates higher.

The main dataset you’ll use is the website visitors you already have, but instead of retargeting everyone, you can segment into smaller groups and get hyper targeted.


The Big Mistake of Retargeting

What starting with retargeting most business owners get excited and start blasting ads to the entire audience. They assume that if they target all the customers at once, they have the best chance of hooking someone in and earning a sale. This mistake will make your ads cost more and lead to fewer conversions from your retargeting list.


The Bullseye Focused Data-Driven Retargeting Solution

The significant thing about data is you can segment, organize, filter and sort based on any requirements imaginable. Creativity is your only barrier to innovative ideas for data-driven growth. One great way to use data is to focus your retargeting campaigns on a per-URL basis.

This means you’ll target on the visitors of certain website URL’s and create hyper targeted campaigns to get their attention. Instead of targeting everyone at once, you can create specific campaigns for your most popular pages and target only those people who visited.


Get Creative with Your Retargeting

Focus your targeting on individuals who landed on one page and also anyone who saw one page but not another. Use imagery that they remember and the messaging that resonates on that page. Segment your audiences further by different interests and create even more targeted campaigns.

You can target people who visited for a certain number of times, visited the entire website of a certain age group, hasn’t seen specific pages, and many other combinations. The goal is

to use data to retarget your website visitors in the best, most targeted way that will get them coming back and taking action.

We’d love to tell you more about retargeting and how you can use it in your business, so reach out to The Archangel Group today and we’ll plan a strategy that can work for you.


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Use Retargeting to Grow Your Customers & Scale Your Business for Cheap

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