What Are 5 Website Features You Need to Grow Your Business

What Are 5 Website Features You Need to Grow Your Business

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Think about your small business website as a multifaceted marketing effort. It’s the face of your business and has to be professional, clear, and inspire action.

If you want to grow your business, use these 5 important elements on your website. These 5 elements will be the start of your future success.

#1: Be a Beacon of Knowledge

There’s an adage in marketing: “Know your customer better than they know themselves”. Do this by offering recent knowledge on your niche through your blog. Use your blog to show your unique abilities and your understanding of their problems and desires.

These informative blogs are easy to share and will improve the quality of the leads you get.

#2: Lead Generation for Proactive Follow Up

Most small businesses take a reactive approach, waiting for customers to come to them. If you’re not collecting leads, then most people will leave your site and forget you.

Offer a newsletter, download, or template, in order to collect their email. Now you can contact them again without paying for more advertising to get their attention.

#3: Email Your Audience

As you collect more emails, you’ll build a large private database of people. Now you’re in control of your audience and you have direct access to them whenever you want. You’ll enjoy more high converting traffic to your site and offers any time you send an email.

Remember that your list isn’t just a ‘list’. It’s an actual person on the other end. Your target customer is reading what you have to write, so make it good. Ask questions, engage with them, and offer more value to help them on their journey.

#4: Engage on Site

Today, transparency in business is key to building trust. When you engage users directly on the site, you’ll build trust and start the conversation. Use a chatbot in the corner of your page and allow customers to instantly message you.

You can also use a question form and make it inviting for your visitors to reach out. Point them to quiz, contact form, or email address and use strong call-to-actions to get them to reach out.

#5: Website Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing automation tools make it easier than ever to engage with your visitors. After collecting their details, you can lead them to a chain of automated emails with email marketing tools.

Use tracking to see where your visitors like to go, and automatically segment your audiences based on location, pages visited, time spent on your site, and more.

Marketing automation is one of the best ways to stand out and grow as a small business, so add it into your arsenal for continual growth.

These are 5 approaches you can take with your website and small business marketing. Use them all together to see the best business growth results. If you need help with your marketing, speak to an expert by reaching out to The Archangel Group today.


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What Are 5 Website Features You Need to Grow Your Business

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