What Are The 5 Essentials of a Small Business Marketing Strategy?

What Are The 5 Essentials of a Small Business Marketing Strategy?

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Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, but many owners struggle with marketing. It doesn’t matter what your business is, you can benefit from these 5 small business marketing strategies.

These tried-and-true marketing strategies will give your business the boost it needs to grow in today’s world.

#1: Modern Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Nowadays, social media is all online. People share their stories, feelings, problems and experiences on social media. You can use this desire to spread awareness to your brand. Create exciting stories and encourage your readers to share.

#2: Content Marketing

Turn your site content into small bite size pieces to share on social media. Post it using the native language of the platform you’re using. On LinkedIn share it with a business professional angle, and on Instagram focus on the cooler lifestyle aspects of your brand.

#3: Focus on The Long Tail

Most small businesses have heard of optimizing your site for SEO. However, ranking for your “Main keyword” phrase is tough because it’s too competitive. You should opt for longer phrase keywords, otherwise known as “long-tail keyword” phrases.

These ‘long-tail’, more targeted keywords are easier to compete on and often bring higher converting visitors. Optimize your site for these keywords and you’ll find it easier to show up in the ranks.

#4: Network for Growth

Go to business events and find related niche groups online. Share valuable content with these groups and reach out to people for strategic partnerships. Look to collaborate, not compete, and find complementary businesses where you can both grow together.

#5: Capture Full ROI on Your Site

Your website is a glorified flyer, or a real growth-hacking opportunity. Use your site to its full capacity and you’ll enjoy getting more leads, signs ups, customers, and ambassadors for your brand.

Invite signing up to your site using free offers and low-priced foot-in-the-door offers. Ask people to share on social media and give them interesting and exciting content to share.

Use a strong call to action telling your visitors what to do. If you’ve communicated the value well, they’ll do what you ask.

This combination of essential small business marketing strategies will help you grow your business. Implement one or more of these strategies for immediate results and reach out to the Archangel Group to learn how we can help.


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What Are The 5 Essentials of a Small Business Marketing Strategy?

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