What Are the Benefits of a Newsletter for Your Business? (Part 2)

What Are the Benefits of a Newsletter for Your Business? (Part 2)

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Our last post introduced the benefits of starting a newsletter for your business. Now we’ll look at specific strategies for collecting emails, engaging with your audience, and turning your newsletter readers into buyers.

Collecting Emails for Your Newsletter is Easy

You can build an email list quickly and easily using a variety of “autoresponder” tools. Tools like Mailchimp, Aweber, Getresponse or many other autoresponders, allow you to collect and manage thousands of emails in one simple account.

You can create broadcasts to send emails to your entire list, or unique segments based on specific criteria. For example, you could email everyone who hasn’t opened your emails within the last 30 days, with a special re-engagement campaign.

Creative Email Marketing Campaigns

Get creative and create email marketing campaigns that resonate with your customers. Look for email content by researching your niche, looking at customer feedback, or seeing what your customers are asking.

Use these trendy topics, talking points, and popular questions to create newsletter content your customers love and resonate with. The more in touch with your audience you are, the better your content will be.

Spread out your emails into multiple newsletters, creating a series that your customers want to keep coming back to. At the end of each email, give a teaser of what’s coming in the next edition to keep customers engaging with your content.

Engage with Your Audience and Ask Questions

A great way to connect to your audience is to engage with them directly. Don’t treat your email list as a group, instead talk directly to one person. This person could be your target market persona, or a customer avatar. Ask questions and request that they reply to the email. This will force engagement and allow you to get real feedback from your audience.

Use this feedback to create new content, future newsletters, or improve your products and services. When people reply to your email, you could use an automated CRM to keep track of them.

Integrate into A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool

A simple google add-on like Streak, HubSpot CRM, or any other custom CRM tool, can turn your newsletter into a customer generating machine. Email replies can automatically filter into your CRM tool, where you can keep track of and convert any potential customers.

You may find that a customer hasn’t bought yet because of a problem you can easily solve. Maybe they aren’t sure, and you can point them to an education piece.

We’re Just Scratching the Surface

There are so many benefits to using a newsletter in your business, and the more creative you get, the more possibilities there are. If you are looking to expand your newsletter and email marketing strategy, get in touch with one of our email marketing experts at The Archangel Group today.


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What Are the Benefits of a Newsletter for Your Business? (Part 2)

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