What is the value of LinkedIn for you as a business owner?

What is the value of LinkedIn for you as a business owner?

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There is one social media platform you should be on as a business owner. LinkedIn has 722 million worldwide users and is one of the oldest social media platforms still around. The now 18-year-old giant is the most trusted social network with 90% of Americans trusting the platform according to Pew Research Center.

There are many benefits to using LinkedIn as a business owner. Let’s go through each one and explain why they are valuable.

High Trust & Long Lasting

Reid Hoffman launched LinkedIn in 2003, the same year as Myspace. Now LinkedIn boasts 700 million users, while Myspace has a measly 1% of that. The longevity and trust built into the LinkedIn platform make it the safest place to connect with businesses and high-quality customers.

Hire Talent & Grow Your Team

Over 20,000 companies use LinkedIn to recruit, and millions of individuals use it to look for work. Growing your business is easier with the job-searching and professional networking features, but that’s not all LinkedIn can do.

Connect to Your Customers

LinkedIn is useful If you’re in a B2B industry, or your customers are easily identifiable within an industry. You can write posts on your industry, promote your brand, generate leads and email potential customers with LinkedIn’s InMail system.

Business Partner Connections

You can create industry mastermind groups or join others. Then network and connect with other business owners in yours and related fields. Build relationships and create win-win opportunities for businesses to collaborate and grow together.

LinkedIn Business

If you’re finding success on LinkedIn, then you can take it up a notch with a LinkedIn business page. You can start using LinkedIn’s ad tool to target your audience by industry and many other factors.

For a business owner, there are many reasons to be on LinkedIn. The platform has a history of trust and loyalty, so it’s perfect for professional networking, hiring talent, connecting to quality customers and clients, and creating partnerships to help your business grow.

For these reasons, if you’re a business owner, LinkedIn is worth a try. If you want professional help to optimize your LinkedIn, read out to an expert at the Archangel Group today.


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What is the value of LinkedIn for you as a business owner?

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