Which of these 6 Social Media Platforms are Right for your business?

Which of these 6 Social Media Platforms are Right for your business?

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Social Media can get complicated for small business owners. Here’s how to make it simple.

Small businesses are spending more time on Social Media marketing in order to master the platforms. Growing on social media allows them to gain more followers, customers, and better engagement from their audiences.

The most important thing about social media is what it can provide to your business. Each social media platform offers something different. You should understand these nuances to choose where to focus your time.


The largest all-purpose platform for almost any audience. You can create groups, pages, and advertise posts to a targeted audience. To make your posts even better, refine them to suit the platform’s style of content and audience types.


The second largest search engine and the largest video library on the web. Use this to show your product or describe your services. Create helpful, educational videos for your target audience to grow organic reach, and boost with YouTube ads through the google ads platform.


The culture, beauty and brand of your business can live on Instagram through gorgeous photos and personal behind-the-scenes stories. Carousel posts can educate your audience, and ads can boost your efforts through the Facebook ad platform.


The largest professional network and the most trusted social media site. LinkedIn has 700+ Million professional users and is the ideal place to promote your business authority. It’s perfect for hiring and growing a professional audience base.

LinkedIn Ads allow you to target by profession with more accuracy than any other platform, making it perfect for B2B and high-quality professional customers.


Great for quick updates, messages, promos, deals and reminders on what the business is doing. Use twitter to share your blogs, posts, products and deals with a new audience.


Perfect for image advertising and promoting products and services. Use helpful infographics, colorful instructions, tip sheets and other helpful information to get your share of this growing traffic source.

Social media networks are both exciting and terrifying for business owners to implement into their daily lives and practices. There’s no cookie cutter way to determine which platforms are the best ones for you. Ultimately, you want to have an omni-channel approach and plan out a content calendar for every platform.

A Quick Strategy to Get Started

Start with a focus on one platform to get the hang of it. Choose one that best suits your current business needs and create a plan for just that platform. Start implementing your content schedule and track the engagements, leads, and connections you make for your business.

Add in other platforms over time and test content schedules to analyze how they compare. If you need help setting up your social media campaigns with optimized native posts and quality content, reach out to the Archangel Group and we’ll put you in touch with a social media expert.


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Which of these 6 Social Media Platforms are Right for your business?

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